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Animation Layer Woes

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So I just started getting interested in using Animation Layers, but I am having a huge issue in R19.


Normally when I animate, I drag and drop the controls into the timeline and start setting the keyframes and curves. 


However, when I move under an Animation Layer, no matter what I do, drag it in, try to use base automatic mode, whatever, it never shows the keyframes or the curves in the dope sheet, instead always showing the keyframes and curves on the "default layer".  It only makes them appear in the little timeline below the viewport, and only the keyframes, which is unacceptable for my workflow.


Am I missing something?  Is there any way to make the dope sheet show the animation layers and NOT just the default layer? I have adjusted all the timeline view settings that seemed to involve Animation Layers, but none of them seem to do anything.  Please, can anyone help?

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Hi, over a year later, but I've got the same issue. I'm trying to add keyframed animation on top of a couple of Motion Layers (it's a character animation from Mixamo). As LockDown already mentioned, the keyframes only show up in the small timeline underneath the viewport, but not inside the Dope Sheet / F-Curve window.  


On top of that, I can add keyframes to certain joints and things work as expected, while adding keyframes to others causes limbs to bend in the strangest way, whereupon I can't seem to add further keyframes to rectify the crazy positioning. 


Any idea. how to fix this?

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Thanks bentraje! It's so funny. I just came across this tutorial via a different online search. I'll watch it over lunch break :) 


Meanwhile I also realised that the "Link View to Object Manager" command/button might also have been the reason, why LockDown didn't see the keyframes of his animation layers, as with this activated, only items in the Object Manager show up in the Timeline's Dope Sheet/F-Curve views. However, Animation Layers seem to solely exist within the Timeline and the Motion System tag, hence they refuse to show up, when this button is activated. 


Bottom line, the Timeline window in Cinema 4D is always working somehow, but it's not always very straightforward/logical to understand why certain things don't show up (not being on the Main Take is another big reason, why things are 'missing' sometimes).


Either way, I'm looking forward to watching this tutorial and learning more about C4D!

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