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Dynamic inflatables, cloth and seams

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Hello I've been going through various tutorials online but not really getting too far. I want to create some squishy pool rectangular inflatables like in this video



I watched Greyscalegorrila video on creating a maylar balloon to create a still inflatable balloon, using dress O matic but I'm not sure how to then make it a dynamic animation. I've tried using just the soft body tag with a point tag on a rectangular shape divided equally on all sides with reasonable topology with the stiffness along the edges, it sort of works but you don't get those tight creases. I've also tried it on a rectangle shape with large beveled edges with the dress O matic applied to the edges, to make it look like an inflatable, then a soft body tag after, but once again the edges look fairly smooth even with a fair amount of topology and losses more tension. I'm wondering how to define the seams a little better.


I also really like this video by zeitguised, to me this looks like just a cloth tag with different particle effectors, but the seams and the tension around the edges look so well defined not sure if it is a case of constraint on the edges with stiffness. Any tips would really be appreciated.



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Once you've modelled it, do you need it to animate, and if so how ? Because if it just needs to be floating in a pool, then there is nothing to stop you taking an editable copy of whatever cloth object you used to make it, giving that a rigid body tag and going from there.


You can also further edit the inflatable after the cloth tag has gone, optimizing and inserting additional edge loops around the seam to tighten and refine it. You can also go round with the sculpt pinch tool to sharpen the creasing.


The difficulty arrives if you try and softbody something made with the cloth dresser, which the program won't thank you for, or do very fast, because if you used enough polys to make the cloth sim look good, then that is probably too many for softbody dynamics ! But you can certainly try ! :) Or another option is to use cloth colliders to further wrinkle and distort the original dresser sim.


I don't think the thing by zeitguised is all Cinema 4D - alot of those cloth sims look like Marvelous Designer to me, which has a cloth engine leagues above what Cinema is capable of.




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Author of the topic Posted

Thanks for your reply, yeah after some research I agree zeitguised used Marvalous Designer to animate it and then rendered it out from C4D, but I'll have ago at modelling it then optimising and adding some soft body tags and see what happens. Been trying to see how far I can push the dynamics in C4D.



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