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Help for Gene the Math Machine!

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Is there anyone here local to Madison WI?  I need some sort of tutor for my son.


I am the mother of a 12-year-old autistic child who has become fascinated with Cinema 4D and has downloaded the free trial version to try to learn it.  I have a Masters in Music, and know a little web page design, but I don't even know where to begin to help him.  


Any thoughts on helping my autistic kid learn 3D programming (with which I hope that he can get a job!) would be very welcome!

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Hello, and welcome to the cafe


He may not actually need a tutor - fortunately there are literally thousands of tutorial videos online for all aspects of the program, and if he's only 12 he's got time to work his way through them for the 3-5 years it will take to learn the software to a professional level. Unfortunately the demo will run out after 42 days, so you should contact MAXON directly about getting him the proper student version.


But if you really think tuition is the way to go you should say if this is a paid position to avoid any confusion when people are replying. Typical tuition rates are around $70 per hour. If it is a paid position, I'll move this post to 'The Job Line' for you.


I'm in the UK, but do 1 on 1 C4D workflow training via remote screen sharing anywhere in the world for a £50 (UK) per hour if you would consider that. If interested feel free to PM me to discuss further.



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Hi Gene's mom!  It takes a really dedicated, amazing mother to find a website like this to help her son.  Cinema 4D is a great program and a ton of fun!

Like Cerbera said, there are many, many free Cinema 4D tutorials out there from beginner to advanced.  Vimeo and YouTube are great starting places, as well as https://greyscalegorilla.com which has a ton of really great quality stuff.  http://www.eyedesyn.com/ is another great one that has a lot of character animation stuff.  If he is very self-motivated, he can learn almost everything he needs to know on his own, but 1-on-1 training is great too, of course.

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Gene's Mom!


I would strongly recommend Cineversity as the courses are short, tool focused, wonderfully organized and very clearly presented.  Some of the tutorials you may find elsewhere tend to focus on techniques/projects when what your 12 year old son needs to first learn are the basics. 


To start, there is a 22 part series entitled "Getting started with Cinema 4D" found here for free


After that, there are a whole bunch of "Beginner Friendly" projects.  Just look for "Cinema 4D Basics" at the Cineversity web-site (found here)


Once he has burned through all those, then you may want to ask him what interests him the most: modeling, texturing, lighting, animating, motion graphics, etc.  and what type of projects he likes to work on: characters (people, animals, fantasy creatures), environments (landscapes, buildings, rooms, outer space, etc).


Once he has a few of the basics under his belt and you get a sense of what  he likes to work, then given the special circumstances, I am pretty confident that someone at Cineversity could guide you on further areas of study and course work.


And of course, everyone at the Cafe would love to see his work, offer encouragement and even make a suggestion or two.  This is one of the friendliest and most giving C4D sites on the web so I am very glad you found us in your search. 


Also understand that while Cinema 4D is one of the easiest and most logically designed applications out there, it is still pretty complex mostly because computer graphics is complex.  There is no way around it.  It will be filled with acronyms that are intimidating to someone who is not technical.  But don't let that stop you and Gene because the genius of C4D is that it works logically and the layout just makes perfect sense.  Also, never be afraid from asking questions at the Cafe.  There is no such thing as a dumb question --- we have all asked them and probably will keep asking them after decades of using the program (I know that from personal experience).  The Cafe is always very friendly to the "newbie" users out there.


Good luck,





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  • Thank you all for your helpful responses!  You have all been wonderful and welcoming!
    My son has decided that he wants to take the figures of FNAG (Five Nights at Gipsy's), which he has successfully pulled into C4D, and get them to move in a short animation sequence.
    Your suggestions on tutorials are great!  I am hoping to find someone Madison-local to spend a little time with Gene giving him some personal training to help with questions he will have from the tutorials.  I can pay  $25 an hour (I know that you guys are worth more, but musicians don't make a great deal of money!) for 2 sessions a month.
    Take care,


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