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Animating the Display tag

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Hi, I usually animate simple cartoon characters eyes blinking using the Display tag (visibility 100% to 0% and so on - see example frame 105 to 107), for some reason it doesn't seem to be working anymore, however if I untick motion blur in the render settings it works but I need motion blur turned on. I have also tried a work around key-framing visible in editor/renderer but it still doesnt seem to be working (frames 93 to 95). I'm hoping its just something really obvious I'm missing? I have stripped my scene file right back to the bare items too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Eye blink example.zip

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In this case I'd suggest keyframing the L_eyes and R_eyes Scale X,Y & Z to 0 for the blink instead of using a Display tag.

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Great thanks ABMotion, that seemed to work.

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