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How to delete points ?

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Not exactly sure why you can't move multiple verts. Here's a screen shot where I highlighted the things to help you move multiple verts from multiple objects at once.


Select all the objects of the guitar (not including the null), or just the ones you need (i did this quick). Uppermost left is the rectangle select tool, default is Live Select so click-hold to grab Rectangle from the nested options. With the rectangle select tool highlighted, check the Attributes panel (lower right) to make sure your settings match. Draw a rectangle select around the verts as I've shown. Make sure the X Y Z options (next to the select tools) are all turned on. Press E (move tool) and move them by dragging.


If you get it to move as you like, notice that you will have to then scale the selected verts in the Y (green) direction to correct the taper of the neck, so press T to switch to the Scale tool after moving. 



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  • Thanks a lot Vizn.


    I am finding my way around C4D little by little, now focusing on creating actual sceneries and then based on that i'll move to the detailed methods of control.

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