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Metaball Lower surface

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Hi, I'm fairly new to Cinema 4D but I am currently working on a cell devision. I'm using metaball for this and i've run into a small issue.


I need the ball to disconnect from the other ball, not when it's far away but when it's close to the other ball still. What I mean by this is that the first ball will be moved to right next the second ball in a process of first metaball but then losing the amount of surface the two are connected before breaking apart, whilst still remaining fairly close to each other.

This creates the cell effect in my eyes better than the ones I've seen. Is there a way to do it?

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I suspect you may not have seen it done like this before because it is impossible to do that way ! The whole operating principle of a metaball is based on proximity, so I'd be very surprised if you could change that behaviour other than by changing the settings of the metaball and any metaball tag you might have applied. But there is no setting I know about where you can make something disconnect other than by using its distance from its neighbours, so I suspect this way simply won't work for this purpose :/ Sorry it's not better news. As far as other options go, do you have XParticles ? The mesher in that is like a much superior version of the native metaball, and although I still can't guarantee it can do this either, it does a have a lot more modes and settings than the Cinema equivalent.



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