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Need help with the take manager

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3dkobi    3

Hi guys,


I have a scene that I need to render from 3 different angles - so I positioned 3 cameras and used the stage object to animate each camera for different frame (frame 1 renders cam 1, frame 2 renders cam 2, frame 3 renders cam 3) than I render frames 1-3. So far everything is OK,


Now the client want each frame to be in different resolution (A4 landscape, A4 portrait, ect) - The first step is to make different render setting for each resolution needed (as I did in the attached pic)

Now, for the second step - I understand that I need to use the stage object-  but after watching several tutorials I still don't know how to do this...

Can anyone direct me how to a tutorial on this ? or just explain how to do this ? (assign each camera different render setting and than render all frames)




2018-02-10 09_09_49-Capture.jpg

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bezo    536

Why you want to use stage? SImply attach every render setings to appropriate subtake...

For subtrake one select 1 render setings, for second subtake second rendeer setings etc.



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3dkobi    3
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  • Thanks - I tried to use takes but had some problems - it works ok now...thanks agian

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