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Naming Tool Tricks/Wildcards/Tokens??

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Several questions if I may...


1. Any naming tool tricks? Specifically, I'd love to be able to truncate suffixes from selection tag names such as "mat2_foo_bar_nonsense" to simply "mat2" with a wildcard/token like "_*" in the replace field. Or, heck, even regex?  All this copy/paste work is getting tedious.


2. Know of any scripts that do the truncating described above? I'd be happy with a "blunt instrument" that truncates "_*" off every selection tag name in the entire scene. If only I could write python!


3. Token/wildcard cheat sheet - I'd like a listing of all of them with descriptions, including those like $N you can use in the coordinates manager, etc.  I can't seem to find a listing anywhere.


Thanks for reading! Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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