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Animating align to spline stop frame

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Hi all, 

It's quite difficult to explain what im trying to achieve let alone find a away of doing it, but i think it should be possible some how.


Basically i have a CGI scene and a chroma key animated character who i need to animate walking through the scene. I'm doing this with the animated plate on a plane which follows a spline at the correct speed for the walking character to match the pace of the walking.  That will all work great, the difficult bit is the scene is at 25 fps and the character needs to be stop frame animation esc and will be at something like 10/12.5 fps. so in order the character doesn't float along in between frames i need to animate the plane so it follows the spline in a jumping/step motion only moving/snapping along the spline to its next position at a rate of 10/12.5fps? 


any ideas? im sure this must be possible somehow but figure it might require Xpresso to get it done.




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Hi there


The fastest way i remember is to chose your keyframe interpolation to Step Mode. That way your character only moves on the keyframes. 

To do this, select your keyrames in the time line, right click the timeline and choose Step instead of spline. Check if that is the result you pretend.


If you pretend to apply this method to your whole project, go on Project settings and change the interpolation for the entire scene.


Hope it helps


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