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Cinema 4D R19 Service Pack 2 Available


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This update introduces support for Metal 2 on Macs and greatly improves the application's overall performance.


This service release improves the stability and performance of Cinema 4D and is recommended for all Release 19 users.

New in SP2, among other things, is the support for Apple's API Metal 2 on Mac systems, which greatly improves the performance of Radeon ProRender.

In addition to general improvements that affect almost all application areas in Cinema 4D, modeling and MoGraph features in particular will benefit from this service release.

A complete overview of all improvements in SP2 can be found in the changelist (PDF).



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I shouldn't whinge - there's a lot of good fixes in that, but of course every time there is an update I search the Details PDF for the phrase 'OpenSubdiv', which has not worked with UV mapped objects since its inception in R18, making it effectively useless in a professional workflow. Still no mention of that here. Are they EVER going to fix it ?! :)


But on the plus side, after some initial tests, I can cautiously say that Cinema no longer crashes for me using Rectangle Selection, so I am certainly grateful for that if it remains the case !


And wow - the whole content library again !!! I wonder what prompted that !?



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This isn't a complaint as such but I am aware that my clients will be upset if Houdini Engine support is still stuck at 16.0.633. This spring update usually updates the Houdini Engine support to the a newer version and 16.5 has been out a very long time. It wouldn't be so bad but Maya, Max, Unity and UE are updated every single day with Houdini's daily builds.


Now I understand that because MAXON update the Houdini Engine support themselves rather than it being something provided by SideFX but MAXON shouldn't make such a big deal about Houdini Engine support if they can't at least provide support for the latest Houdini Engine production builds, never mind the daily builds.

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The rectangle selection only makes my mesh disappear when the mouse is moving fast when clicking, so I guess that is an improvement.  Before it would make the mesh disappear any time I used the rectangle selection.


The further FBX improvements are very nice.

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I had previously tested the Teacup scene in r19 using the new ProRender on my Mac Pro. It finished in about 10 min. 40 sec. I updated and tried it again and it finished in 4 min. 24 sec. That's a nice improvement. Good job.


P.S. Just realized I need to update my profile. Where is the edit button in my settings?

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16 minutes ago, BigAl3D said:

P.S. Just realized I need to update my profile. Where is the edit button in my settings?

Excellent :) Go to your profile, and just at the bottom of the title bar there is a little button 'Edit Profile'.



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Hello All,

So sorry to revive this thread but I'm just now updating my r19 install with the new content libraries. Why is the MAXON server so slow? I can download a 50mb file in one second but this 3 GB file is going to take over 300 hours based upon the speed in which MAXON is delivering. Boo:(


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