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Molding Preset v2.5

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hello everyone,

i'm pleased to introduce molding preset v2.5, a c4d preset that i've made to speed up the process of making moldings. So i guess it's mainly for archviz, but it can be fun for abstract work too :)


- choose between 19 moldings profiles or create your own

- select a spline rail : rectangle, circle, diamond, rectangle with convex corners etc… or select a custom one

- easily modify subdivisions, profile scale and rotation

- you can make your molding automatically stick and adapt its size to a polygon selection of an object and manage the offset and rotation.


the last version is 10$ and can be found here : https://t.co/Kimje1YwZK

but if you wanna try it first or feel like it's too much money, there's a previous version for free here( less options though) :



also a tutorial can be found there : 

hope you'll like it!



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Looks like a neat time saver if you do a lot of interiors, and has good applications elsewhere too - thanks for making this.


If I did have one suggestion it would be to rename the 'Shape' section of your UI to 'Path' so it followed standard naming conventions, although it's hardly a biggie !



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