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Cloner inside Boole - breaking geometry

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Hey Guys, 


I am looking for some troubleshooting. I have a basic cube in a cloner and I have that cloner inside a boole the objective is to only show the clones that are within the cube in the boole. The cube object is an irregular shape. Everything works really well. Although once I animate it with a shader effector, As the animation plays through I get a popping geometry. Seems to be coming from the corners of my irregular object. Please see the screen shots.


Is there a better way of doing this ? 








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Yes - booles are rarely the best way of doing anything, especially if there is animation involved. You will not get that to work without the popping - it is just something that happens with horrible booles. You need to remove that from the equation and find another way.


One way might be with an effector that scales the clones down to 0 (or affects their visibility) when they are not in the box, so any effector with a box falloff and its effect inverted should be able to sort this out with no problems.


Also you should update to the latest version of R18, which fixes several key modelling tool problems.



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  • Thanks for the response do you know how I could apply this irregular shape to modify the clones ? 


    if the clone is within the box it needs to appear. exactly how it does in a boole cookie cut out.


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    The closest you can get to cutting a shape out of Clones without using a Boole is to use a Plain Effector (placed in the Cloner Effectors tab) with Scale set to Uniform and -1, then in Falloff select Shape called Source and place your box cutter shape into the Source Link. You will need to adjust Sample Distance, change Falloff to 0% and change Falloff Function to Linear.


    This will not literally cut geometry though. This will only remove the cubes that don't show through the cutter by scaling them to -1 (invisible).

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  • I wouldn't go as far to say that I have solved the problem but I have found a solution. I would hope there is a more automated way of doing it, I had to simply do it the hard way. 


    1. make a small plane

    2. clone and create 300+ clones in an array. Make array flat and in the shape of a larger plane

    3. Boole the desired irregular shape to cut out the exact shape from your clones

    4. make editable 

    5. extrude plane surface to make 3d

    5. put all 300+ newly created polys into its own individual null.

    6. change axis of null to desired location. Because we want each object to pivot on its on specific axis (not from center of object)

    7. place each null into a fracture object (in my case over 300). set at STRAIGHT

    8. Now I can add my shader and delay effector animation 


    result: it appears that I have a bunch of cloners building into an irregular object. 


    I hope someone could show a more automated way of accomplishing this. The shader effector is a custom created animation from AE.


    Right now it works really good, basically exactly what I wanted but the to get there seems to me to difficult. Why isn't there a simpler way ?





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