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Using Mocap Nulls on Jointed Character

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ibmcclain    0

I was just given some FBX's by a client and they came from Vicon's Nexus Tracker software.  When imported the FBX is a bunch of nulls that seem to have no purpose, and some joints in no heirarchy, that are just tracking nulls.  Trying to organize these into a tree results in a mess of parent information throwing the tracking info way off, and trying to retarget these by name to an organized model is also fairly disastrous. How could I apply the data from these trackers to a jointed character?  There may be as many as 50 of these FBX's so having a conversion type technique instead of brute forcing positions in would be most ideal.  I feel like i could be missing something simple about some magical copy and paste function somewhere or something. Example attached below.

Nexus FBX trackers.fbx

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