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The sad state of e-on:Where is Forester2

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  • A quick scene in Forestor ---  so nice to use!!!




    As I was making it, I was wondering if 3D Quakers would be creating a new version of trees to use on their landscapes....You don't want to create a full tree as that could become too polygon intensive.  Rather, what you want is some variant of multi-floral plant that looks like a full tree from a great distance and can then be painted onto their landscapes but is in actuality a miniature tree with a much lower polygon count than a standard tree.


    Just a thought.


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    I'm a World Machine/Geoglyph user for landscapes. I use Xfrog, Laubwerk and Surfacespread for plants and Real Displacement Textures for texturing the landscape. I also own Vue 2012 (stand alone) and Carbon Scatter for R15.


    It's a bit annoying that a new software comes up in a hype and the support gets weaker and weaker in time. I don't want to switch horses all the time.

    World Machine development is slowly continuing, but still there. Laubwerk still provides updates, but the hype seems to be gone as well. I already abandoned Vue and Carbon Scatter.


    The news regarding Forrester are interesting and I will certainly follow the development. I hope the marketing will keep their promises and Forrester will have a stable future. So please don't be another vendor that disappoints me :)

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    Looks brilliant, and seems to render more quickly too from other comments. Hope it is compatible with R14 ? 

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