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The sad state of e-on:Where is Forester2

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Not sure if this has been discussed before as I imagine not a lot of C4D users are also Vue xStream users, but e-on software is quickly going the way of Newtek.    Since their acquisition of Bentley systems in 2015, e-on has been extremely slow to update their Vue platfom, releasing roughly 1 major and 1 minor release in the past 3 years.    Then, right after announcing an half-point update to Vue 2016 in November, 2017 (see how slow they are?)....their site gets hacked and goes down for months.  I just don't mean hacked, I mean completely crippled.  User account information has been taken completely off-line and any type of self-service to get updates or downloads of what you have purchased in the past no longer exists.  Also their ability to send out reminders for service contract renewals is gone as well (mine lapsed on Valentines Day last week and I did not receive one reminder).


Overall, I think they have a long and rough road ahead to regain customer confidence.  How do you recover from not providing timely updates and then losing all customer support capability?  Plus, they are losing their market share to Terragen -- which is quickly replacing them in the film industry....at least that is my impression based on what I have read in the trades and even the e-on web-site does not show any film involvement since 2012.


Overall though, I am not that sad.  While I love environment creation, I found Forester to be much easier to use within C4D than Vue xStream.  Vue xStream within C4D just brought the program to a crawl relative to rendering for even the simplest of scenes.   That really prevented from using it within C4D and I found myself either importing/exporting assets between the two.   With Forester, no such problems. 


I could move to Terragen, but I have a very high bar when downloading a demo:  If I can't pick up the basics quickly when watching a starter tutorial and have to constantly stop, rewind, replay to capture the simplest of functions, I tend to shy away from making a purchase.  Not so with Forester.  


So my hopes for a Vue replacement rest with Forester.  Also, 3D Quakers next release of Forester hinted at landscape creation if you look at their most recent gallery.  That would definitely fill the void.


But what happened to Forester 2.0?  They hinted at a major release way back in May, 2017 but little has been said since then?  They are more tight lipped than MAXON, and that is saying something.  


If anyone knows anything more about Forester 2.0, please share or point me to a forum where it is discussed more openly.  Now that my maintenance contract has expired, I am completely happy to be walking away from Vue and the only place I want to go is Forester---so I hope they have something!




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1 hour ago, Caveman said:

For more information about some new tools for Cinema4d and forester for in the near future : https://www.facebook.com/3dquakers/

A major new version is in the works with significant feature updates. We are taking the time to insure  maximum stability/integration. 
A lot of the new features were directly requested by users.


Thank you for that link to Facebook. 


So the big new addition is going to be a separate landscape generation product called "Moonrock".  It looks like it produces some pretty good results.   Hopefully, they add "slope" as a distribution type to the mutlicloner menu to provide the ability to control tree placement based on the terrains slope (if the slope is too steep, you can't put a tree on it).  Also wondering what road options/tools they are going to provide....that looks really interesting.  The terrains pictured do show different textures so it would be interesting how that is controlled.


Overall though, with trees, animated trees, and terrain generation, 3D Quakers is stepping nicely into the 3D landscape arena.  Plus as it is written for C4D, I would imagine it will operate far better than Vue xStream ever did within C4D.   While it looks exciting and we are all born impatient, I am glad that they are taking their time to make it robust within C4D (according to their Facebook posts).   


While Moonrock is new, they are also talking about upgrades/new features to Forester 2.  My hope is the ability for local (rather than global) wind control (eg.  Think helicopter rather than hurricane).  One other hopeful addition is to allow the trees to be controlled by other dynamic forces other than wind....such as ground movement, trunk impacts or trunk separation, etc.  Sounds straight forward, but hugely complicated to implement realistically.    But would't it be cool to animate a tree falling in the forest --- realistically  (and in my world, it would not make a sound if no one was there to hear it ;-).


Looking forward to 3D Quakers future!!




P.S.  You may wonder....why didn't I just check Facebook if I was so interested in any news on Forester.  Well, I hate to admit this, but I really despise all forms of social networking.  To me they are just a huge waste of time.  So I avoid sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I don't know...maybe it has to do with my rebellious nature...if everyone is going right, I will go left.   The Cafe is the only site I visit as well as LinkedIn....that's about it.



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Hello Dave and all!

We are working around the clock to deliver the best products possible for you guys. Forester 2 is shaping up to be a quite a substantial update, with more features than we originally intended, hence the time it's taking to complete. I still don't have a definite release date, but it is coming.

The landscape generator will most likely be released around the same time, featuring custom shaders and erosion simulation. 

Although we are not verbal about future updates, if you check our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/3dquakers, every once in a while we release some technology preview images that hint at possible upcoming features.

So yes, it is taking time, but it will be worth the wait :)



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Wow....just wow.  




I only have about 40 or 50 questions...I hope you don't mind ;-)    But I will keep it down to a handful.


  1. Is that landscape procedurally generated ---- that is, the detail holds up the closer you get?
  2. Is the interface nodal based for creating erosion types.
  3. Will it use C4D sculpting tools?
  4.  C4D seems to suffer with scenes that are object heavy more so than polygon heavy. How is the viewport performance with these terrains in R19.  
  5.  Any chance of posting a video just showing that object being manipulated in the viewport 
  6. As these will be two different programs (Moonrocks and Forester), what level of inter-operability is being considered.  For example, you build a landscape, you populate it with trees but then you decide to change the landscape.  Will the tree positions automatically update to the new terrain especially if the mutti-cloner has the option for placing trees based on terrain slope (well, that is my assumption)?
  7. Infinite terrains.....in scope?  I know you can't answer this question....but at least you know where my hopes are heading.

I know you can't answer any of these (well....maybe question 5) but the results are right up there with World Machine.  Even Vue users would have to export their terrains to World Machine to get half decent erosion results, so you are already years ahead of Vue in terms of terrain output quality.


I see another Insydium in the making here with 3D Quakers.  Better start hiring.  ;-)



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Hello Dave,


The landscape is generated procedurally through a set of deformers and filters. Close up detail depends on the map resolution used. The software is not nodal.


I cannot provide any more information at the moment since it's still a work in progress. We will be releasing workflow videos and tutorials as we get closer the release. As with Forester, user friendliness is a priority for us.




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