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Continue an unfinished Team Render


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i have a question, i used 15 computers in my school for team render, i've set everything up and started rendering trough weekend. But today (19.02) as i came back to school i saw that the render is not finished and was cancelled with some class that had to be there at that time. So my question is, since there are unfinished sequences of frames, they need to be rendered, but i do not know how to do that because its  rendered From Frame 1 - 27 then there is 28-45 gap then like 46-64 frames rendered again. This goes all the way to frame 1000. Question is, how can i continue this render without rendering it all again?


Hope you understany my jaggy description, i can add more details if needed. 



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This is a really obnoxious problem and I don't think there's a terribly good solution.  Here's what I do: write down all the frame ranges that need rendered. Create sub-render settings (a child of your main render setting so that every other setting remains the same) with frame range manually set to each of the un-rendered segments. Create takes (or sub-take if you're already using a take) in the Take Manager and assign each of the new render settings to a new take. If you have 15 gaps, you should have 15 render settings assigned to 15 takes. Now, you can click "Render all takes to Team Render" and it will run one take after the other, covering all the frames you need.


Admittedly, you lose a lot of render efficiency this way: let's say one take is only 20 frames long. That means that after the first frame is completed on your 15 nodes, only 5 nodes will be assigned the remaining frames, leaving 10 computers doing nothing until the next job starts.


If you are concerned about this happening in the future, you might consider preemptively splitting your scene into separate jobs via the process above (i.e. 0-300, 301-600, 601-1000). That way, if the render is interrupted, you are more likely to have entire sections of the sequence finished. If it stops 60 frames into a 300 frame chunk, it's probably easier to just rerun the chunk the next day. Again, a tiny bit of efficiency loss, but with that many nodes, it could save you a lot of setup time if this is likely to happen again.

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Like was said there is no good solution.


Send in a suggestion to allow any frames to be typed in.  So if you needed frames 28-45 and 46-64 etc.  you would only have to type in "28-45, 46-64" and you could hit team render again.  Here is a link to the suggestions page on MAXON.  I figure the more people bug them the more they will move to fix it.

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