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Be The Rocket video game

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Fastbee    83

I've been a member here for a long time and using C4D for a long time.  Now I'd like to share something I've put thousands of hours into.  It's still a WIP, so I hope it's OK to post it here.

Be The Rocket is an action style flying video game inspired by the popular Nintendo game Pilotwings.  Link to the Kickstarter with a demo of the game below.


Higher quality promotional video.


I made the whole game myself using CINEMA 4D, Unreal Engine, Cycles4D, Xparticles, 3DCoat, and using assets off the Unreal store.  The cover image shown below was done in C4D using Cycles4D and Xparticles.  Xparticles was used for the flames out of the rocket and Rocket Bucket.  The background image is from the actual game as the texture on the terrain is using some special shaders that scale with distance, but I did sculpt out the original shape of the terrain in C4D.  After the sculpting of the terrain in C4D I baked it out to a displacement map and imported that into Unreal Engine where it was further refined for the best game play experience.



Everyone here has been so nice to me over the years I came here to share my work.  I am most grateful to anyone that helps spread the word about my game or decides to support it.




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