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Dollar bill paper textures


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Depending on your actual requirements, I'd probably create the basic geometry for each of the parts to create the shape of each letter, add a noise displacement to each basic letter shape and then add the texture of the dollar bill as desired. The noise displacement could be animated as required.


If that's not suitable, can you give more detail about whether it's still or animated and whether it needs to be 3D camera that goes all around the letters or are the letters simply panning across the screen etc.

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2 hours ago, nightshader said:

but only think i need is to get this result without animation or tearing it.

Then do it as I suggested in my first post, but I'll expand here:

Create the basic shape geometry for each part of each letter. Add thickness by extruding the geometry on each piece or add Cloth with thickness. Add Displacement using a Noise to each piece to create the creases. This can be done by adding Displacement on each individual piece or group all pieces under a Null and add a single Displacement to the group. Finally, add the dollar bill texture to each piece (this will match your example image) and use Axis tool and Texture mode or Attributes panel to move the texture on each piece to the desired location so that they all look different.

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