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Wot no Google View Image ?!

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If you are on Chrome / PC then they are trying some nonsense with removing the View Image button from the Image Search in the latest version of the otherwise excellent browser. This will be potentially most inconvenient for us lot.


Unless we immediately go and get this add-on, which puts it right back where it belongs !




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19 minutes ago, westbam said:

***, when did this happen? :ohmy: Thnx for the heads up, think I will manage from here :lol:

Yeah it was a new one on me too - designer friend told me about it, Chrome auto-updated and then away my favourite button went ! :/

Fortunately someone even more on the case had the answer waiting !


I don't even get why the Getty thing was necessary, when it's so ridiculously circumventable, and for a long time they have been able to prevent (most) people downloading copyright images without stopping people directly viewing them ! I guess too many people know about Print Screen and Disable JS now !



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Funny thing was, I was looking for some reference tonight, didn't even notice it, but was does disabling Java Script do when on an Image hunt?


Ow, and speaking of reference, I don't know if you know the awesome https://www.pureref.com/, this tool is like szechuan sauce, freaking awesome!! (never tasted the stuff, but rumour has it). Wanted to post it, but didn't know where.

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4 minutes ago, westbam said:

but was does disabling Java Script do when on an Image hunt?

Some "website designers" added Javascript that stopped right-click and Save Image As. Disable Javascript and you could save the image again.


As I said in response to @Cerbera, the View Image plugins aren't necessary because you can still right-click in Google Images and choose Open Image in New Tab.

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AB is right of course - it's not necessary. But you try and take the middle C# off my piano, playing any of the other C#'s available just ain't gonna do the job - they're not in the right place ! ;) It's nice being this fabulously lazy.



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