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Fantasy House in Arnold

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  • 9 hours ago, Cerbera said:

    That is looking a whole load better than it was. Path is fine now, grass much better, good background stuff and textures.


    2 things to try to make it into a night scene...


    1. Get Arnold's equivalent of a sun light (directional), make it an off white-blue and quite bright. Then get anothe rlight doing only ambient illumination set to very dark desaturated blue to slightly fill in the shadows.

    2. Take that image, into photoshop and color grade it !



    The night scene... 


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    Almost :) Colour goes much more desaturated at night, and you need less intense blues and less contrast between moonlight and shadow, so I'd be turning the density of those shadows down, or pumping up my ambient light a little to back them off a bit. Secondly, grass and trees retain almost none of their verdancy at night - they go pretty much grey, so you can address that in the material directly.


    At the moment shadows are too dark and powerful, and take up too much of the scene. So bleed some colour out, possibly change the direction and height of the moonlight to limit the shadows, and try and get a more grey-blue feel overall. That should apply to everything except the front porch lights, which you can saturate more, and make slightly more orangey, which will contrast well with your lightened desat blues.



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