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Cloners causing lag


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Good day folks. I'd like to discuss something I noticed ever since I started using C4D, despite being pretty sure it's one of those "deal with it" situations with no real explanation or solution per-se. It's about cloner objects putting a lot of load on the machine. I'm sure it's perfectly normal, so again I'm aware it's not one of those "right way or wrong way of doing it" situations. It's entirely down to the machine's performance at the end of the day, but would there be a "workaround" to this ? The object in question being cloned is a drawer. I'm building a file cabinet with 20-30 drawers, so I modeled a drawer and naturally used the cloner object to make several more exact copies, all spaced out nice and even. The issue is that the whole thing lags like crazy now....for instance, when I try panning around in the viewport, it takes like 1 second for the camera to respond to my dragging.


The only solution I found to temporarily  overcome the annoyance is to disable the cloners while I work, but that won't help with the final render which I can't help but cringe at the thought of how long that will take...are there any tips ? I'm no pro, but from my limited experience with PC hardware, it seems to me C4D doesn't use the GPU to render stuff, but the CPU. This is an issue in my setup, since the CPU I've got (an Intel Xeon X5460) is outdated and inferior to the AMD R9 390 graphics card I got, which could probably do the job a bit better, but I could find no options related to this. No hurting in asking, right ? Cheers and thanks.

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Have you tried ticking 'render instances' in the cloner ? That should massively speed things up, but be aware that can't work if the cloners are under any sort of generator, including SDS, so you may need to rearrange your hierarchy a bit.


Also, you can alter Level of Detail to low or medium (can't remember which menu that's in but it's one of the view or display ones!), which will reduce the amount of clones in the scene, and drop polygon detail and speed things up that way. A classic mistake is to forget you've left that on, and later wonder why your geometry isn't showing right , so watch out for that if you do this !



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If you are simply needing to duplicate, and nothing more complicated requiring the Clones to be separate for other reasons, you could try ticking Render Instances in the Cloner Object or use an Instance Object instead to reduce that problem: https://help.MAXON.net/us/#OINSTANCE


Alternatively, look at Xrefs or Alembic files and utilize a Proxy type workflow where you swap low resolution versions of your geometry in the Viewport for high resolution versions at render time automatically:

As you've noted though, at some point, there is not much more you can do to reduce the lag.

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23 hours ago, Cerbera said:

but be aware that can't work if the cloners are under any sort of generator, including SDS, so you may need to rearrange your hierarchy a bit.

I have it the other way around: the polygon is the child of a SDS and then the SDS is the child of a cloner. Ticking render instances didn't seem to affect the "scene", but it DID seem to speed up thing a bit. Some of the clones are under the effect of a plane effector to cause them to move around....don't know if that affects anything or not.

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The Plain effector is not affecting the speed at all.


If the SDS is inside the cloner then yes that will work with Render Instances, and also explain why the scene was so slow without that. Remember if you have SDS on with typical settings the geometry is orders of magnitude more dense than the original object, and cloning that without instances is usually a bad idea for exactly the reason you experienced - the massive slowdowns it can cause though sheer weight of polygon density and many many objects.  



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3 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

The Plain effector is not affecting the speed at all.

I was thinking of the plain effector affecting the functionality of "render instances" somehow, but it works perfectly...good job :D

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