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Shadow Catcher problem


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I'm trying to render a scene with 2 objects. The scene needs to have a transparent background, and I need the fall-off shadows too.


When I use the Shadow Catcher shader, it won't render the shadows on the alpha channel, only the objects themselves. I am pretty new to Cinema 4D, but I have a feeling it might have something to do with the lighting or rendering methods I use.


For lighting, I just use a "softbox" I created, with a material with the Luminance box checked.


For my render settings, I have tried some different thing. I started out using HDRI Studio Rigs render settings "GI High". Then I tried just adding the "Global Illumination" and "Ambient Occlusion" boxes to the render settings(nothing else, but those two).


I can't seem to get anything to work? The only way I could get it to work, was to use "Sunlight" , but I'd rather not have to use that.

I have attached my C4D scene, can anyone help me out here?




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I think the shadow catcher only works with standard lights, although I am not 100% on that, so happy to be corrected if someone knows differently.


But I'd use Area lights, which are most suitable for this scene anyway ! Newbies tend to massively overuse GI and wrongly presume they need it on everything, without understanding anything about how it works and what it's for !




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1 minute ago, Cerbera said:

I think the shadow catcher only works with standard lights. You can't do some elaborate GI setup and expect that to be fine.

Use Area lights, which are most suitable for this scene anyway !




Thanks for the quick answer!


I don't know much about Cinema 4D yet, so that's the reason I have done it like this. It gave a good looking result and was rather easy to setup. But I will take a look at using Area light.


Thank you for the help. :)

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