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V-Ray Team render


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The 3rd Party Renderers area of this forum. The place where you should have posted both your threads instead of where you did !! ;)


If it involves Vray, which does not come as standard with Cinema, that's the section you should post in, regardless of what it's about.

By posting in the right section, only the few people who have Vray here will see it, and everyone that doesn't, and couldn't help you can steer clear without having to read the whole thing first ! But worry not - I have moved both of them to the right place for you.



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I'd say probably.

The better question is would you actually want to do it?

Even if it can be done the whole scene would have to transfer from your main computer to the other computer.  If this is done via the internet and not via a hard cat5 cable it could take a long time.  For a large scene it can take a while even with the computers connected right next to each other via Gigabit cat5 cable.  Now if both computers are connected via gigabit google fiber or something it could only be slightly slower than cat5.

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