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Intersecting colors


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Hi everybody, I am in the process of creating a project based on color theory where I want to be able to intersect two or three planes each with different colors and have the intersecting areas produce the correct color output due to the mix or overlapping qualities. Of course this inquiry is just part of the details of my broader project. 


I am opting for C4d because of its physical qualities of its materials. Can somebody please instruct me or guide me into which color configuration or what elements of the materials I should experiment with: luminance, transparency, reflectance... etc..? Please see attached image. 

Thanks for your help!


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Well the good news is Cinema can do this, and I have got a similar thing working myself previously. However it was quite a long time previously :)

I think I did it with white lights and transparent thickened planes placed in its path. If that is the case, then in theory transparency channel is the only thing you need and you use absorption colour to control the colours. However, that has a problem in that very rarely is the colour you set the colour you get ! So for that reason it might make sense to leave that on white, and actually change the colour of the transparency itself.


The only thing that worries me about what you're doing is that it doesn't look like any of your shapes have thickness, and they might need some to work properly - definitely if you use Absorption to control colour. And I predict there may be problems at the intersections too, but we can advise on that when you've done your initial tests...


Hopefully that sends you off in the right direction...



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I responded to this differently at first suggesting mixing colors using spot lights and then realized the color theory you've attached an image for is Paint/CMYK/subtractive based, not RGB/additive so the only way you can do this is by manual mixing I would think as C4D does not natively work in CMYK.


There is an old CMYK Shader plugin available (not sure if it's compatible with newer versions though, so you'd need to check): http://www.ruimac.com/plugins.htm#06 but I don't think that plugin will be able to give you subtractive/paint mixing.

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Hmmm. Yes AB makes a good point there - I wasn't considering subtractive vs additive or colour space. But I still think it could work at least partly, because even though light is additive, placing transparent filters in front of it doesn't add up to white. Not quite sure how relevant that is, or if it helps or hinders :/



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This is great, thanks Cerbera and ABMotion for pointing me in the right direction!

Cerbera: I am going to use geometric volumes (triangles, squares, diamonds, etc., and will experiment with its thickness to obtain color graduation or intensities product of the intersection to see how it works... very bauhaus!


Will get back to this post to update!


Thanks a lot!



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22 minutes ago, bezo said:

You can tell to c4d..."Please, mix my colors in additive mode" ;-)


That's additive as you've said, not subtractive color, so it doesn't match the example the OP linked to unfortunately. They're wanting colors to mix how paint mixes, not how RGB color mixes on a computer.

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28 minutes ago, esegabbo said:

thats right ABMotion =), yet it still is one way to go, although the objective is as color "paint mixes" =)

There are lots of methods for Additive color in Cinema 4D, including my original response to you that I removed using Spot Lights when I realised you wanted Subtractive color/Paint Mix not Additive.


As I said in my previous post, I think you'll have to do it manually or try that CMYK plugin if it works in newer versions to get what you want but I still don't think that plugin will be able to give you subtractive/paint mixing.

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