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How to install book generator


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Hi all,


I'm a new user exploring C4D with the R19 demo. I'm really enjoying it and think I'll probably end up buying a license. I'm currently using it with the Corona Render plugin, which I really like.


Anyway, I don't seem to have any presets and the one I really want to use for a scene I am practising on is the Book Generator. I managed to download it for free, but I can't figure out whatsoever how to install it. I got it from here at CGTools, https://cgtools.com/easy-books-generator/ 


I've tried dropping the folder/files in various locations but none of them seem to help when I look for it or search in content browser.


Edit: I've just realised it says its for R13/14, which would explain a lot.

Can anyone help?! Is there a version I can download for R19? I just want to try it out!



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1 hour ago, rjbex said:

Can anyone help?! Is there a version I can download for R19? I just want to try it out!


Hello and welcome to the cafe!

If I recall correctly, R19 has the book generator as an Xpresso setup in the content browser, which I am not sure if it is included in the demo or not. 

You can try and see if it is there or not by going to: content browser>presets>visualize>presets>tools&helpers>Book shelf


I hope you enjoy using c4d, and if you have any question feel free to post it in the cafe :)

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Hi, thanks for your reply.


When I follow the path to visualise: presets, all I have is 'cameras', 'light setups' and 'sketch presets'. I actually called MAXON and asked about it and the guy said he hadn't used the demo but maybe it had been stripped out, so he was helpful but didn't really know - I thought maybe I had done something wrong during installation but apparently not.


So I guess there is no way to get to use this tool until I have the full version?

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As far as I know, the book generator that @maliohammad mentioned is not available in R19 Demo.


To use the Easy Book Generator plugin, as you've discovered, it does not work in newer versions, but you can use it by opening the installation folders and inside the res folder, you'll find a file called EBG.c4d. Just open that as you would a normal Cinema 4D file and you'll be able to use it. You'll also need to go to Layers panel and there are hidden layers called AH that you need to unhide. To do that, tick all the icons to show the "hidden" pieces like textures and then relink the textures in the Texture Manager. It's a manual process but possible.




To relink Textures in Textures Panel using the menu Texture>Texture Manager. Highlight all the textures with red crosses then go to Edit>Relink Textures... and find the book textures included with the plugin:



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