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Weird viewport distortion


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Lately, my viewport has randomly been acting up. When I move around the viewport, the object and axis suddenly look very distorted like the image attached. The only fix for this I've found is just copying and pasting the scene to a new window. Any help on what this is would be greatly appreciated!




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The only time I've seen that is when the Camera in the Viewport, or Object Manager if you've added one, is in Axonometric view like Frog and/or your scene scale is very small or you've zoomed in too far. To resolve/test that, when you see the problem next, try going to the menu in Viewport and choose Cameras>Perspective to see if it resolves it or try scaling your scene up.


Your screenshot doesn't really have enough detail to determine scale properly, but you can see the measurement of your objects in your Attributes panel..

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Looks very much like its the viewport perspective camera.  Press (Shift + V) this is found in the viewport (options/configure.)   In the properties under the tab (View) expand the arrow thats for the (Linked Camera.)  Within there are the view port perspective settings.  Right click on (vocal length) and select Reset all.  Press the O key to view obejcts in scene all should be ok.



viewport distortion.jpg

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