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Random attributes on non cloned objects

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I have a pre built city scene (not built by me) with a ton of buildings.

-each building is its own object.

-the current uv's for each object are unusable and there are too many objects to fix for my timeline.


I like to able to be able to use the random functions of octane or c4d to shade attributes of the objects (buildings) with one shader that I can duplicate and base other shaders off of to get more control further down the pipeline.


My problem is that most of the documentation im finding to control this the way I want to, all hinge on using cloned objects which doesnt work for me in this case.


Is there a way for me to assign these random attributes based on an objects world or object space? 


Thank you,






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You can force your building objects into clone instances by placing all of your building objects into a linear cloner object. Turn off "fix clone," turn off the default movement per step, and increase the clone count to exactly match your number of buildings. The result is that each building is assigned to a clone instance without moving from its original position in your scene. Now you should be able to affect them with anything that can be applied to clones.


I have no idea what impact this might have on performance, but in theory it should function properly.

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An additional method to add to @DeCarlo perfectly valid method if you already have the buildings layed out in a specific way and don't want to simply Clone is that you can effectively create a Cloner type structure by placing your buildings (each under it's own Null) under a Fracture Object. Then, for your material, add a Variation Shader, adding all the building textures you want using Add From Folder, change Random Color to 0% under Shaders section and place that material on the Fracture Object so that you get random textures.

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