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Hey all!


I need to recreate this kind of animation: 


I'm having trouble attaching the same texture perfectly as the video above.


What am I doing wrong? Do I need to use Bodypaint? or UV Mapping?


I'm attaching one image as an example.




Thank you so much!


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It depends a bit on how you made this shape. If it's a sweep, for example, then the UV mapping that comes with that generator should be fine to do exactly that if you give it the correct layout of texture, which looks like 6 instances of the word vertically stacked, and then you choose UV mapping mode for the material projection and then set horizontal tiling in the same place. Those scaling and tiling options are the parameters you'd have to keyframe to get that movement too. Your numbers will have to be pretty exact and calculated if you want it to loop like that...



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To add to @Cerbera response, once you get the texture on the helix set up in a fixed place, to animate that movement you just need to keyframe the Offset U and Offset V parameters only.


I did this quickly, so it doesn't match exactly and therefore your model and settings will be different (i.e. Helix (Circle) needs to be thicker and closer together) and texture (i.e. different font and line spacing closer together), but the basic parameters that need altering are highlighted. Angle of the texture itself will depend on how you've created the Helix, but if you've created it with a Sweep as suggested, UV Mapping will work with the texture on the angle shown in the screenshot and Helix set to XZ.


helix.thumb.png.0a79df2c3fc8d0bf361e3ed00e2e7f67.png    helix-anim.thumb.png.0500204ed78faf4414db373698038370.png

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