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Triangle Complex 3D Scanned Objects

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HI All,


I was hoping someone can help me, please. I have few very dense 3d scanned objects. I would like to decimate these objects making them less dense.

In other words, the objects are triangles, I would like to make them into quads. Apart from using Polygon reduction and untriangulate within c4d what other options, plugins are good to use. 


Any help and advice would be very appreciated.



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HB Modelling bundle - it has a really good retopo setup ideal for things like this.



Or, if you can't run to the £60 for that, then the tools it uses are mostly native to Cinema Studio (poly pen, poly snap, shrinkwrap deformer etc)



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In addition to the traditional methods of manually creating a retopologized mesh (that can be time-consuming and cumbersome),

you could consider to tryout the free and portable Instant Meshes app or the free (and complicated) MeshLab app.

But in my opinion, it would be best to use ZBrush (if avaliable) to do such a job in the shortest possible time.

Especially with scanned models and their usual problems, I am always surprised how simple and fast that can be done.

A typical and simple workflow is shown here:




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corrected resolution of the sample image

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