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I decided to give an older project another go as I thought it might benefit from advances in C4D and improvement in my skillset. I am including one of the original Nostro-dumbass shorts for reference below but I'll be deleting it soon . The predictions are from Criswell, a fraud.. I mean clairvoyant from the 50s you might have seen in the film "Plan Nine From Outer Space". They were so weird I thought I would have a friend do a voice and record a series of them and then practice character animation. 


The original puppet was really primitive and I fought  the rig tooth and nail the entire time making it. As you can see, it didn't even have legs! 






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CApruzzese    74
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  • 5 hours ago, Twizzle said:

    I like the 'error' when you can see the mic, nice job ::):

    Thanks! He hits the skull at the end and moves it over a bit as well. I have a few projects I think would profit from an update, maybe I'll redo more. 

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