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Combine cloner cubes

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Hi there,


I'm trying to model a board game piece that resembles an uneven road surface. My idea was to create a cube primitive and then clone it using MoGraph Cloner and a plane with a shader texture.


I've created the uneven surface that I want, and I've created another cube primitive beneath it to match the resulting X and Z dimensions of the Cloner object.


How do I join all of the objects together into a single mesh?


I've tried various combinations of Boole and Connect, as well as a third-party plugin called Magic Merge, but none of them give me the correct result. Ultimately my goal is to export an STL for 3D printing.


Thanks for reading, any help is greatly appreciated.





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Prime doesn't have the cloner, so I am confused - which version are you using, and why isn't it in your profile ?!




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Not sure how 3D printer solve gaps between separated polyisland, but this kind of structure can be created very easily by simple polymodeling tools.

In my example added simple plane object 100x100, with cloner created array, converted to polygons and optimized. Then selected all polygons and extruded with caps for 50 units. Then selected top polygons only and again extruded, but without caps and preserve groups options and with  100 percent variation.



single polyobject.zip


Could be used different values for variation or scaled whole object in Y axis if needed "smoother" uneven surface

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  • Great, thanks for that!


    The reason I started off cloning a cube object as opposed to polymodeling was because initially I thought I might model a cobblestone or paving slab and clone that. But at the scale I'm working, and considering the resolution of my 3D printer, polymodeling in the manner you've demonstrated will be perfectly adequate.


    I just imported the model into the 3D printer software, and it looks like it'll handle it just fine. The "gaps" between the extruded blocks are merged where appropriate (see pic).


    Thanks again for your help!




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