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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 

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atraxmade    0



In the F curve window, is there a shortcut to reset the graph, after I accidentally zoom in  or zoom out?


And also in the viewport timeline, is there a way to see ALL the keyframes on an object? For instance, if I want to see the keyframes of an object and a deformer at the same time. 

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Cerbera    1,973

In the timeline editors, H frames all so can reset after you zoom...


But in the viewport, if you want to see the keys for both an object and its deformer, then you need to select them both in the object manager, although normally that is not a helpful thing to do because you can't tell which keyframe is for which object.



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Rectro    703

I tend to only use the view port timeline for individual animations but that are put into a animation layer.  Ultimately the animation layout gives you all you need.  Expand the hierarchy in the F curve or Dope sheet view and your see everything together, but for deformers the dope sheet is where your see all the keys together.  The S and H keys are the ones I use mostly.



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StCanas    60

Hit the 'H' key to reset your zoom.


To get all keyframes, right click on the object and go to Select Children. This will select the object and all those under it. Though, as mentioned above, you won't know what keys are what in your timeline. I have FCurves set up as a shortcut so can go straight to that with a keystroke. You might want to do that.

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