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  • 12 minutes ago, VECTOR said:

    Nice! you can do one piece but it will be harder to model the seams in around the mouth section  as you'll be going from a seam to smooth surface

    Yeah, sorry. I meant once the model was complete it would be printed as one.  During the modelling process I'll do it as you suggested, although knowing my character modelling skills I'll probably end up modelling each part separately and try to stick them altogether at the end.


    @Simmy  Thanks.  Yeah I tried both Thingyverse and MyMiniFactory, as well as a few other places.  They're usually my first stop on the hunt for models.  They did have one or two baby mobiles, but nothing anywhere near what I wanted to create.  The only thing I found was the unicorn.

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    Ah i see, if you build it low poly first you might find it easier, you can always up the poly count later to add any details etc

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