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Best Thing in 3D to Learn for Tracking?

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Hi C4D Cafe,


I've been trying to learn 3D animation/compositing and tracking for some time now. I've learned what little I can over the years. At this point, given that you can't learn it all is there a more specific part of 3D study that would benefit me if I were to work with live footage vs. in the box graphics etc.? I understand that the typical route of learning 3D is environment, tools, modeling, materials, etc. but is there something somebody should focus on more than another if they plan on dealing primarily with live footage composites and 3D tracking rather than general 3D?


I want to be well-rounded in my approach but I have a curious mind and can get to interested in things. For instance, UV mapping...? From a distance it seems like something general I should know in a tracking/compositing approach, but will I end up spending time in that process? I'm not sure if there's more than one approach one typically takes towards 3D.


I hope this makes sense, if it's a pretty much generalized study i'm happy to take it all in. It's all really fascinating to me, but I want to be realistic and eventually professional.


If anybody has any feedback or perspective it's appreciated. Thanks!

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I think you are asking a pretty broad question, but I do have some thoughts.


From what little information you've given you seem to be interested more in VFX and composting work. Honestly the real industry standard for that is Nuke, it actually does 3D tracking and professional compositing. I don't think C4D is where you want to start necessarily for that kind of stuff.


In the past couple years Fusion has also come into the spotlight as a more accessible professional VFX compositing platform. They even offer a free version. I would suggest looking into that if VFX/tracking/compositing is what you are interested in.


Things like UV mapping, modeling and rendering are actually a different area. If I were to characterize C4D, I would say it's an all around 3D animation software, it offers some VFX capabilities, but falls more towards motion graphics and animation.

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