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NAB 2018 - speaking at MAXON booth

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Hi friends, 


2018 has been a crazy, busy, intense year so far hence my absence here - but I never forget! 


So NAB 2018 is coming up and I am equal parts perplexed / honored to have been invited by MAXON to join their roster of speakers. 


I won’t be focusing so much on specific techniques. It’s meant to be more of an “inspo” / pep talk on how C4D was crucial in helping me (a self-proclaimed lazy artist with absolutely no formal background in this) start to find a niche in the 3D world, within a relatively short period of time.  I’ll be showing a handful of recent commercial projects along the way. 


My presentation is Monday 4/9 at 2:30pm PST if you’re interested - but you should, of course, also try to catch all the other amazing speakers (who are much better at this than I am).  


As always, all presentations with be live-streamed on http://c4dlive.com/


I will also be hanging out at the MAXON booth throughout the rest of the week, so if you happen to be at NAB, feel very free to come say “hello”! 

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Ask the camera people to show your screen and not make pretty close ups of you!! Always bugs me, awesome presentations, and now idea what is going on the screen. Good luck!!

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Congrats, look forward to seeing your presentation, Im sure your do a great job. Do you have a website so we can see your works?



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Can´t wait for your presentation Nate, hope you´ve some special for us ;-)

Presentation start at good time for me, since starts at 23:30 (to 00:30 of the next day, so it´s 2 days long presentation) and I come around 22:30 from work...


...what is more important (imho), MAXON year by year try to be more opened to users, which is good for both. (more shows, wider spectrum of presenters etc.)

 Hope R20 will be milestone in this also...


btw, don´t remember throw one T-shirt to me ;-D

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22 minutes ago, bentraje said:

Cool! Well deserve invitation nerv! Loking forward to it. 
I wouldn't be surprised if @Rectro and @everfresh get invited to speak one of these days. They also has a specific niche in C4D. :)

haha, thanks for the flowers, man :) 

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  • Thank you, all!  I think it went relatively well. 


    you can watch it, among some other really great presentations via the link below:



    MAXON will continue to add presentations to the playlist as the week goes on, so keep an eye on it! 


    @Rectro you can see most of my work via my website and Instagram:






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