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Trigger parameters after specific action

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I don't know if it's a beginner question or not but, I'll try.


i have animated the growth of some climbing plants on a column. Now I would like that, with forester plugin, to animate the growth of some flowers over it after the plant has ghrown on the column.


its not a specifi forester problem because it has a easily parameters that goes between 0 to 100 for not grown to fully grown. Now I need to animate this parameters according to how my climbing plant has grown. Actually animate it accordingly to the height of the climbing plant.


to make the climbing plant I'm using xparticles and trails.


is that a way to trigger the growth parameter of the flowers once my climbing plant has reached a specific night or when it has exceed a specific position?


hope it's clear enou. I'll post some screenshot of my project if neede.

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No, 'New users and beginners' is not the place for this, as you are using a lot of 3rd party stuff that doesn't come with Cinema. For that reason I have moved it to the 'plugins, making, finding, using' section. 



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