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Dynamics and Mograph selection?

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I am following the amazing fracturing tutorial series by @HSrdelic and have been surprised with what fracturing can be used for. 


I have a general question about mograph, resulting from one of the tutorials:


Can mograph selections be made by dynamic object collisions? and can that selection be used to alter the state of the object selected. 


I give an example - a fractured dynamic sphere collides with a fractured collider plane - is it possible to automatically change the state of a material shader on selected fragments of the plane following this collision?


My ideal situation is that a clay model gradually reveals it's material shader in random chunks as it is hit with fractured shrapnel (for want of a better word) - I am actually making an animation sequence about ray tracing and would like to visualise ray bounces scattering inside a domestic interior. So a grey room gradually becomes coloured, following a particle burst (following @HSrdelic's tutorial) 


I don't really want to share the file - out of respect to the tutorial series 


Any help would be amazing





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