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How To Transfer An Image To An Object.

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I am working on a model and need to know how to transfer an image to a specific area on my model? Basically I have to transfer a black dot (which will be the button) to the strap of a bag. It is more for presentation in this case.





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Hi Allan


You have a few options.


1: Project the image

2: Uv map texure placement


Both need a material assigned to the object.  The projection method does not need a UV map, the other method does.  To choose which option select the material and in the object manager your see projection.  Within here your have the options for Uv or projection types, I choose frontal see file.


Note in the demo scene shown I used different textures so dont get confused as to the outcome, they will both be the same if you used the same texture.  The Uv mapping method provides much more control so not only can you add the button but you can paint or project details in many other areas.  The projection method is procedural so you can add layers and have it so you can change them with ease such as a leather tiled pattern.






uv map vs projection.png

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Thanks for the help with this. I tried what you both have shown me however I am not able to place the dot specifically where I want on the strap. I tried to project with flat frontal and the dot was placed over the entire object and I was not sure how to reduce the scale of the dot? I then tried to use the fit to region but the black dot multiplied and were equidistantly spread all over the object.


Any ideas how to solve this?



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