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Render sketch and toon

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I am a french studient and for a school project I try to reproduce a rendering close to the latter (GERIKO_LORN_ANVIL).
I studyed renders sketch and toon renderings but it's very far of the goal.
The biggest question I ask myself is:
-how do they do to have the white edges on the black areas and vice versa on the whites zones?


Sorry for my English




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There are several possible ways to achive this effect.

The one i know best is :

You make two different render passes. One is kinda shadow pass with no outlines, only light/shadow information. The other pass is the lines only , black lines white background. With these two passes you can comp it in after fx or other software, and you use the shadow pass to mask the lines pass and then you invert the colors. I would do it that way. But i guess there are other techniques as well.



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