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Rotating Extruded Cogwheels

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Hey, I'm trying to rotate a cogwheel that I have extruded a bit. All I want it to do is rotate in place without moving any other position. 


I place a keyframe on the bank at the beginning of 0 and at the end of -180. I'm noticing that when I place the end keyframe, it moves the position of the whole object, so when I hit play and the end loops around to the beginning, it has to jolt to a slightly different location because it was seemingly not rotating on a center axis point. When I do mesh>axis center, it says 0 on everything, and I've even manually set the axis center to 0.


When I click back and forth between the cogwheel and the extrusion (parent), the axis point moves slightly, but when I check it out, all the values say 0 and that it's seemingly at the center of both the cogwheel and the extrusion, but I have a feeling this is the problem. 


Working with Studio R17

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When you create the cogwheel spline, its axis will be dead center and in the right place for rotation. So you could just keyframe the rotation of that, and leave the extrude where it is. But if you had selected the spline, held Alt, and THEN added the extrude, then the axis of that would end up in exactly the same place and you could animate the extrude directly instead of the spline.


But you can align the axes of both objects without adding the Extrude again - just temporarily change the hierarchy so that the extrude is a child of the spline, then Reset PSR, which will align the axes, then restore the hierarchy with the spline back under the extrude...



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