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On 4/12/2018 at 11:24 AM, brzezinski said:

The 12 basic animation principles to which you refer is an old piece from 1981.


Those basic animation principals are based on physics and locomotion which predate the rules created in 1981 and will never change.  Those basic animation principals are also based on the way organic life actually moves and that will also never change. Only the devices we use to execute such movement is updated.


That said, I'm biased because I don't really like this sort of hyper surrealistic (Cool3DWorld) style.  

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4 hours ago, brzezinski said:

Thank you for comment.
Please, you could give me an example of animation that you like.



A tip: You need animation skills to make the illusion of motion. That's all!




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  • 2 months later...

Formidal accomplishment for one person. The characters would have benefited from more detailed materials, especially with such close ups. Although the coriagraphy made extreme demands on the animator, the movement wasn't persuasive.

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Thank you so much for your criticism.
I admit that I was bored to always see simple animations made with Cinema 4d.
So I decided to do something more ambitious.
I knew my limitations. I knew I did not have all the necessary skills for a job like this.
For a project of this kind, usually many, many ... people of different skills work.
Only a fool would accept a challenge to do everything by himself.
I was not going to do everything perfectly.
Since I did a huge job, receiving little criticism, I reached my goal.
I wanted to show, that even alone and with scarce resources (I have an iMac of 2010) if you want, you can do great things.

Best regards

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