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Realflow - Extrude-based Container Error

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Hello, I am using realflow plugin for c4d and want to create a container filled with water (using the fill emitter in realflow). Nonetheless, the container is a very specific shape and have shaped it using a spline path and then extrude. When I assign the fill emitter to the extruded spline object, the particles (water) do not work or activate- They do activate in a normal primitive, but not in my spline/extruded shape. 


How can I make it work in my specific shape? Recommendations?



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I don't have Realflow, but from the info you have given I am going to take a stab in the dark at the answer.

Have you ticked 'single object' in the extrude - RF may require a solid shape, and the Extrude won't be that unless that option is checked...



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Thanks Cerbera! Unfortunately it did not work., but I am sure your recommendation is part of the solution, just makes sense!  Don´t know what I am missing, my first time using realflow

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Got it! Turns out I clicked something and it worked... that something was  Particle Distribution in the Fill Emitter, default is Fill Volume,  and you change it to Particle Layer. 


Solved =)


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