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Feeling discouraged about the industry

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Feeling discouraged about the industry and career path of motion graphics in general.


It seems every studio that hires me runs into financial problems. They either shut down or have huge layoffs.  5 of the 6 studios I have worked at are either gone, on their way out or have had major layoffs due to their low income.  As you can imagine, this is very frustrating for me, having to constantly move, lose friends, lose romantic relationships and not be able to just settle down anywhere for a total of 6 years now.  Bills, car payments, rent, everything only adds to stress of working in this industry.  You feel a bit like you're in a pinball machine randomly being smacked into every random direction possible. 


It could just be that my location BLOWS for this type of work (North Carolina), because out in L.A. there is a near constant flow of new Mograph  jobs being created all the time.  But L.A. is really not my cup of tea and I think I would be overwhelmingly depressed in an area like that... (plus expensive).


It has made me think of re-branding myself and filling a more general artistic role.  What is a good term for someone that can handle all forms of content?  Would it be a Multimedia Specialist?  What is that all-encompassing term that could be used? 


I'm only thinking this way because there are more UX / UI design jobs out there than EVER before.  A lot of businesses need social media content and other forms of artistic content for websites, marketing material and more.


I really hope this is a viable solution, because quite frankly, doing this has taken its toll on me and it's making me not want to keep going anymore.  It's just not worth it to me.

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