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Soft Plastic Deformed Ball/Bubble

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Hi everyone,


First time posting here and I have a pretty easy to solve problem (I guess)..


As an exercise, I was trying to recreate these bubbles as seen in this art by instagram user @creamdesign, but I am not achieving anything satisfying...

I have tried Soft Body and through the Collider modifier too.. and have also tried playing with the sphere segments and types..


I know it's probably easy, but it's driving me crazy:



Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 21.07.33.png

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OK. Collision deformer or softbody can both do this totally fine, so it comes down to what you might be doing wrong ;)

My guess is soft bodies will get closer to your reference...


Here's a quick test with the collision method where it's all working nicely...




...and here's a closer to reference one using soft bodies...




The key is to have enough geometry to deform nicely, even quad geo and no complex poles, and to use high-ish stiffness levels and volume conservation in the Softbody settings.


If you need the actual smaller scale wrinkling of plastic, then investigate the tension tag !



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