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Overwhelmed. Cannot get C4D R19 to run.

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This is going to be a long one so strap in. 


I got a new laptop, MSi GS 73VR 7RF Stealth Pro. I needed a laptop for school (and hopefully future work) and I need C4D on it. My school offers free R19 licenses to animation students. I have one license on father's desktop, which i was originally using. I never had a single problem with that C4D. Now, I have this new laptop and I want C4D on this, so I asked my school to provide me with another C4D license, which they did. Now I have two. Following me?

I planned to use the license on my laptop. I didn't. I didn't realize I had to sign up again as a student on MAXON to get THEIR free code, (this is where I'm confused), so I signed up again and requested a student license, which they supplied me with. Now I have THIS code(MAXON supplied), an OLD student license code given to me by my teacher (still on my father's desktop, linked to my name / school), and ANOTHER license from school that is unlinked to me. I am so confused and unaware of if I'm even allowed to have more than one student license so please be gentle if I'm making a mistake here.


 This is what my process has been for three days now:

I have tried to install C4D on this laptop and had it stop at the "pick a language" window. I would press okay or next whatever the button was, and the window would close and nothing would happen. I waited almost an hour without clicking anything and nothing happened. No matter how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled, it always stopped here.

EVENTUALLY it got passed the language window and successfully installed.  I thought everything was going great at this point. 

 I played around in C4d testing it, saved the test file, everything was fine, closed C4d, opened C4d, closed it again, opened a c4d file i had on my USB to test it, no problem at all.

The next day I tried to open C4D and an error message showed up saying I was missing a libmmd.dll file. Keep in mind I am a huge noob with this stuff so this was like gibberish to me (still kind of is) ESPECIALLY since the program worked absolutely perfectly the night before. 

So I looked for the file libmmd.dll and it turns out I have it. That's another thing I'm confused about.

I tried this youtube tutorial:  (below) and c4d still wouldn't open. I tried another and it still didn't open. Then I gave up and uninstalled it for the thousandth time . Reinstalled it, it opened fine. 

NOW, the problem is that not only won't any of my old c4d files open in C4D, but every time i try to open an old file, IT JUST OPENS A BLANK C4D FILE. LIKE I NEVER TRIED TO OPEN AN OLD FILE WITH STUFF IN IT ALREADY.


Please, for the love of humanity, for world peace, for kingdom come, PLEASE HELP ME. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ELSE TO DO.  


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8 hours ago, mavia said:

I am so confused and unaware of if I'm even allowed to have more than one student license so please be gentle if I'm making a mistake here.


I don't think you are allowed more than one license, but only MAXON themselves can confirm this. And it is them you need to be speaking to directly about this...



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