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Toggle On\Off VP filter script


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I have a very simple script that toggles on\off the grid in the viewport. (years ago someone posted it here )


I'd like to create a similar script , that toggles all sort of objects from the viewport (under the VP Filter menu).

The goal is to turn off unwanted stuff, to get a clean software render (no Axis, Deformers, Cameras, Lights etc..)



1. Is it something simple to do? - I have no clue in scripting..

2. I'll be happy to pay for such a script. (a reasonable price).


As for the grid script, not sure if it's ok to attach it here.








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I think that was me. I did share a Grid / Horizon toggler a while back, but it's a COFFEE script, so shortly to be deprecated with R20. Might be better to get a Python version.


This is the script that does that (if yours is the same).




If you view this one in the Script manager you can copy and paste the lines into your new script, and add lines that also toggle the remaining attributes, which I believe are named logically after the hyphen so you should be able to just go down the list changing the words at the end.


Am no great scripter myself ( in fact think this was the only one I ever did !) so others may be able to give you more detail if you're still stuck.





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Also, forgot to mention the HB modelling bundle has the script you want already in it - it's called HB CleanView.

Obviously I can't give you that script, but if you were willing to pay for one, why not buy the bundle and also get the other 100 brilliant scripts it comes with ?



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Did it the COFFEE  way.

Seems to work fine for me.

I'm attaching it ,with an icon for it, if anyone find it useful. Use it at your own risk


All it does is turning On & Off elements from the viewport. Useful for working with a clean VP or clean preview render (when using Hardware\Software render).


Cerbera- thanks for that cup of COFFEE.

View Filter.rar

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