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Broadcast + 3rd part equals Studio?

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Hi there,

I'm a motion graphics designer, comming from Maya, starting my own lil' company ;-) and looking for a more affordable MoGraph solution.


I'm looking for some info concerning which version, Broadcast or Studio, is the most obvious for me to buy (during the flash-sale).

I understand there are many comparisions availible already, but for a non C4D user, some features are a bit unclear to me.


I guess I can overcome Broadcast it's 'shortcommings' since I will be using Zbrush for sculpting, Redshift for rendering, X-particles for cloth and what not and AE for tracking. These tools will also be used when I'm using Studio, so no money saving there ;-)


This leaves me with the following features missing from Broadcast that I can't solve with my other tools.


  • Level of Detail Object
  • Driver tag
  • Character Animation (character animation isn't that important to me)
  • Different simulation options (especially soft body)


So, from exprience, how often do you use the above features in your average MoGraph work? Are they essential for your workflow?


The price difference between Studio and Broadcast is 1000 €/ 1215 usd

Not a biggie, but if I can save this amount I might as well buy Vray and some AE Plugs ;-)









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