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Remove C4D default Layouts?

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Marander    5



Is there a way to remove the (non-user) default Cinema 4D Layouts? (Texture, Model etc.)


I know I can delete the User Layout files in the layout config folder (.l4d files). I use a few customized Layouts and don't want to see / have no use for the default ones in the Layout selection menu.



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Cerbera    1,976

No, I don't think there is. You've noticed that in the preferences / layouts folder you can only access your custom ones and not the standard layouts. If we were meant to be able to delete the defaults I guess they would be there also... interestingly, I think in way older versions they were all there, so maybe it causes some problem to remove them, hence the change...



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Marander    5
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  • Hey Cerbera thanks alot!


    Yes I thought so too.


    In that case I will most likely create a small python script to switch to / cycle through my Layouts with a button.


    Cheers, Michael / Marander

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