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Unwanted RGB and Alpha passes


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Has anyone experienced this issue and/or found a solution?


In R19, when using any form of multipass, I end up with additional RGB and Alpha passes.  I render as PNG with a straight alpha, therefore I do not need either of these passes.


If rendering a "Regular Image" only, these passes are not generated.  If rendering any additional multipasses, these passes are created, despite not being added as passes.


See attached screenshots: 

The picture viewer is showing the appropriate passes: Background, Alpha (this is always shown in pic viewer, but never saved as an actual file w PNG images), Object Buffers 1 & 2, and Depth.


In the finder, you can see the actual images generated:

Background/beauty image, obj buff 1/2, depth, but also there are the unwanted rgb and alpha images.


Am I missing a setting somewhere to disable this pass generation?  Or is this a bug?


This issue is plaguing my entire studio, so it's not just me.  And I have seen posts on other forums asking about solutions. 


I've attached a c4d file that demonstrates this.  Thanks in advance.

93DC9C-3B9ACA00-1-Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.21.04 AM.png

93DC9C-3B9ACA00-2-Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.21.23 AM.png


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Yeah, this is a known thing, and nothing we can do changes it unfortunately. Just gotta delete 'em afterwards ! And if you have the MSA you would be justified in emailing MAXON tech support to ask why that is the case and when they will be fixing it !



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thanks for the confirmation.  I emailed them on Mar 3 regarding the issue, sent files/screenshots, etc.  And I just followed up this morning.


I figure if I continually follow up with MAXON, 1 of the following 2 sayings will become relevant:

- the squeaky wheel gets the grease

- the tallest blade of grass gets clipped first


I hope for the former!!

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