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Dissapearing of Skinner in X-Particles

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I hope some may know what is going wrong here. I've been trying to figure it out for hours.


Basically, I'm making a chocolate sim, with viscocity in X-Particles. I've tried working with the normal emitter and a skinner with constraints added but it wasn't realistic. Then I made it in an xpDomain and FluidsBPH but it wouldn't collide with objects the way I wanted to. Eventually I ended up with what I have now in the pictures: A FluidFX sim. With added viscocity from the emitter tab: Fluid Data. 


It looks way more realistic, collides the way I want to and has good viscocity. Problem is: It dissapears sometimes. No idea why but as you can see it starts normally and then suddenly parts of it just dissapear and then it dissapears completely. Doesn't matter if I don't have an object on top of it or not, or the way it collides. It always does this.


It doesn't appear in the render either if it dissapears in the viewport. 


Any idea what might be wrong?




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You might get a faster answer on the XP forum. Not everyone here has it...



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